August 8, 2010

Flax & Sesame Seed Breaded Schnitzel

Most countries have their variation of the breaded cutlet. Growing up, I always knew it as Schnitzel or Milanesa. 

I experimented with using a mix of bread crumbs, ground flax seeds and sesame seeds to add some nutrition into it (and really so I wouldn't feel so guilty about eating a pan fried chicken) and it came out pretty tasty! The flax and sesame give it a wonderful nuttiness and added crunch.

One point to remember is that you definitely need a good mix of the bread crumbs to balance out the "breading mix" otherwise it will burn. Start with your basic egg mixture and a good seasoning on the chicken breasts.

Keep it neat by using one hand to dip the breast into the egg mixture and another hand to coat with the breading mixture. Get your pan medium hot with a mix of vegetable & olive oil (*I'll explain why in a moment) and make sure to shake off the excess breading before the dive. Pan fry until golden brown and the squeeze of a lemon will heighten this dish.

*Why two oils? Olive oil is great for flavor but our favorite fat has a low smoke point. What that means it that it basically starts to break down at a lower temperature. Read: You will see massive amounts of smoke! If you use a cooking oil that has a higher smoke point (like vegetable oil) then it will allow the chicken breast to cook without smoking up your kitchen. Keep in mind that vegetable oil does not have the highest smoke point - but it sure is higher than our darling olive oil. (Grapeseed oil has a high smoke point and is recommended when sauteeing for longer periods of time)

*Update Sept 2015 - this is an older post when I didn't really write the ratios down for the recipes. There is not much to this, as it is really by eye.

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